Current Projects

Everything is Connected, by Jason Gruhl & Ignasi Font (Bala Kids - Spring 2019)


Why should we care about someone in another country? Or about an elephant in Nigeria? Or the environment in Brazil? Because everything is connected and because YOU are part of everything. Beautifully illustrated, Everything is Connected gets kids to consider the connection between all things. 

Food and You: A Kids' Vegetarian Cookbook, by Rebecca Treon & Jason Gruhl


Food and You is a kids' vegetarian cookbook that helps kids understand the relationship of food to their bodies and planet. Filled with delicious multi-cultural recipes, Food and You celebrates the exciting food traditions in our world, and the families and animals with whom we share this planet. 

Eli and the Fifteenth Blueberry, by Jason Gruhl


When a young boy with autism comes up one blueberry short for breakfast, he and his pet hedgehog head out into crowded world to find one. A book about independence, kindness, and letting people surprise you. 

Mystery Projects...


Some titles can't be listed quite yet just because they: a. are under contract and haven't been officially announced, b. have been submitted for contests and can't be released yet, or c. are top, top secret (wink). Check back often for new releases coming soon!