People make sense of their lives in different ways -- some use facts, others use faith, and still others create a unique lens all their own -- but there is something that connects all beings, a force that animates, illuminates, and potentiates.  

My goal in my writing, counseling or speaking is to awaken people to their greatness and to move them into mindful action. And for those brave enough to look inward, they will eventually find what they are looking for, abiding quietly and clearly within. I hope that in some way these books and tools help you along your path. 

Available for Purchase

Everything is Connected, by Jason Gruhl; Illustrated by Ignasi Font


Why should we care about someone in another country? Or about an elephant in Nigeria? Or the environment in Brazil? Because everything is connected and because YOU are part of everything. Beautifully illustrated, Everything is Connected invites kids to consider the connection between all things. 

The Fountain Tarot


The Fountain Tarot features lush, ethereal paintings by artist Jonathan Saiz, rainbow holographic packaging by designer Andi Todaro, and an intimate guidebook by writer Jason Gruhl that teaches you how to read the cards and how to use them as a tool for introspection, empowerment, and connection.

The Fountain Tarot Journal: A Year in 52 Readings


As a companion to the best-selling Tarot deck, or a stand-alone journal, The Fountain Tarot Journal is a journey of discovery across 52 readings. Use the examples or create your own, this versatile journal will allow you to clear your path and create a life of mindfulness and intention

Current Projects

Our Animal Neighbors


Our Animal Neighbors: Compassion for Every Furry, Fuzzy, Feathery Creature on Earth  is a picture book collaboration with Matthieu Ricard, illustrated by Becca Hall.  

Coming Fall 2020 through Bala Kids 

Stay tuned for more details! 

Eli and the Fifteenth Blueberry


When a young boy with autism comes up one blueberry short for breakfast, he and his pet hedgehog head out into crowded world to find it. A book about independence, kindness, and letting people surprise you. 

Everybody Knows What A Tree Is!

Children's books, picture book, trees, sustainability, green, Krishnamurti, Buddhism, illustration

Four friends think they know everything there is to know about trees, but when they really start looking...they're not so sure. A book about wonder, seeing things newly, and embracing what we don't know. 

A collaboration with Genjō Yorke, illustrated by Skye Ali. Stay tuned for more details!

Fox Has A Lot To Think About


When fox has a lot to think about, he  goes on walks...and on this particular night, he has a LOT to think about. Where will it take him and what will he discover? Illustrated by Johnny DeFeo

Mystery Projects


Some titles can't be listed quite yet just because they are: a. under contract and haven't been officially announced, or b. top, top secret (wink). Check back often for new titles coming soon! 

Press and Reviews


Everything is Connected

“A thin string loops and winds around the people, animals, playgrounds, prayers, and gardens of the world, everything connected in a timeless whole—even scary, ugly things like chicken pox, bullies, lies, and pollution. In this engaging introduction to social consciousness and environmental awareness, color and form are given to the invisible ties that bind the universe together, from the tiniest of cells and atoms to the vastness of the stars and planets.”  

Foreword Reviews  

“One of Bala Kids’s inaugural releases, this waggish picture book takes its title to heart, emphasizing readers’ connection to an eclectic roundup of people, objects, and phenomena.”  — Publishers Weekly

“A worthy attempt to make an ineffable concept accessible to a young audience.”   — Kirkus Reviews

"Stop! I can’t bear it—this book is too wonderful! Jason Gruhl invokes Dr. Seuss with some light rhyming and brings up everything that entrances children—tarantulas, slime, comets, you name it. Ignasi Font’s visually complex and incredibly funny illustrations (a blobfish that looks like Squidward?) will keep kids observing even on the hundredth read. A thin line threads through each page, reinforcing the title and drawing the eye through the narrative. And the end—oh, the ending! I almost keeled over in fits of pure joy upon reading it. The book is destined to become a dharma classic."

 — Sumi Loundon Kim, Tricycle Magazine, The Buddhist Review

“Use this book to spark thoughtful conversations or to prod children to think about just why they matter.” — St. Louis Post-Dispatch 

“An exploration of our links with everything from blobfish to galaxies.” —Spirituality & Practice 

Books That Inspire Teamwork (Colorado Parent Spring 2020)

12 New Kid's'Books with Bold Illustrations, Characters and Ideas (St. Louis Post Dispatch - March 1, 2019)

Kiddos Magazine (February/March 2019)

Religion Books for Kids Are on the Rise - Publisher's Weekly  (Oct 2018   

The Fountain Tarot

“When A. E. Waite conceived of his deck with Pamela Colman Smith in the early 1900s, what he did is what the creators of The Fountain are doing today, over 100 years later. The Fountain imagery both simultaneously exhibits a timeless quality and also expresses where we are today in our spiritual journey as a global society.” —Benebell Wenn, Author of The Tao of Craft, and The Holistic Tarot (North Atlantic Books)

“First conceived as a collaborative art piece by artist Jonathan Saiz, author Jason Gruhl, and designer Andi Todaro, these 79 paintings with shimmery silver-gilded edges sing with a kind of hyper-modern cosmic intelligence. The mini guidebook interweaves classic tarot themes with sacred geometry, art, psychology and technology. All in all? It’s a silvery, self-reflective, nuanced delight.”—

"So lush and gorgeous. Every card feels like a refreshing spring rain, inviting you to step inside and dip yourself in its secrets. From the shiny, metallic box, to the beautiful, geometric cardbacks, to each thoughtfully-rendered painting, The Fountain Tarot has seduced me hook, line and sinker.” —

“Creat[es] an atmosphere that feels timeless and modern at the same time, as though the cards can truly tell the future by calling upon some kind of evolutionary, dawns-of time understanding that exists within all of us, and all around us…” — Little Red Tarot UK, Beth Maiden

Activities and Enrichment - Everything is Connected

How are you connected to... (writing)


Write how YOU are connected to some of the people, animals, and things  in Everything is Connected.

How are you connected to... (drawing)


Draw how YOU are connected to some of the people, animals, and things in Everything is Connected.

Think of a Link!


Start with one person, place, thing, animal, thought, or emotion and let your imagination start making connections!

Unexpected Connections


Play this with a friend, family member, or group! Each of you make a list of five random things. Come together and see if you can imagine how they're connected!

What Are You Connected To?


Draw or write all the things you're connected to: body, people, things, places, animals, thoughts, feelings, the pas and the future, and even things you don't like!

Coloring Page #1


Everything is Connected

Coloring Page #2


You are also connected to hedgehogs...

Coloring Page #3


...and cats and dogs and squirrels and birds, rabbits and cows and deer by the herds!

Coloring Page #4


Color one of the favorite characters in Everything is Connected - the Blobfish! "In life we're the same, we're all blobfish at heart!"

Coloring Page #5


To spaceships and aliens with noses like hoses!

Coloring Page #6


You are the universe, 

perfect and whole.


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